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Campaigns and elections

The two-hour forum, organized by the Newark branch of the NAACP, gave candidates time to talk about Newark Public Schools policies they would revise or enact and issues they would champion.

The candidate pool is a mix of veteran board members and newcomers. What questions do you have for them ahead of the April election?

In this year’s April school board race, Newark voters will see a mix of new and returning candidates looking to secure a spot on the nine-member Board of Education.

Los defensores buscan preparar a los adolescentes para el próximo año.

Newark passed a historic ordinance in January to lower the voting age to 16 for school board elections. But technical issues will delay their vote until 2025.

Newark’s 16- and 17-year-olds will be allowed to vote in April’s school board election after city leaders voted in favor of a historic ordinance.

The city council will take a final vote Wednesday on a measure that would lower the voting age in the April election.

The election has reduced the teachers union’s control over the board, which has struggled to address school safety and get along.

Las elecciones incluyeron tres puestos de los siete del consejo escolar. Todos fueron ganados por candidatos respaldados por el sindicato de maestros.

Dos puestos de los cinco miembros del consejo estaban vacantes. El consejo escolar tiene que resolver retos financieros y tomar decisiones sobre las escuelas chárter.

Two Colorado communities get opposite results from push to increase lodging taxes for child care.

Las Escuelas Públicas de Westminster tuvieron sus primeras elecciones competitivas en seis años, pero los votantes decidieron que quieren mantener la dirección actual.

El consejo escolar actual de Denver ha recibido críticas por peleas internas y por no abordar la seguridad de los estudiantes. Ahora los votantes han elegido a tres integrantes nuevos.

Two districts are asking for a new kind of funding to support school safety. 

Two of five seats on the Jeffco school board were up for grabs. The outcome reinforces the current board majority.

The election of John Youngquist, Kimberlee Sia, and Marlene De La Rosa is likely to shake up the interpersonal and political dynamics on the board.

It’s the district’s first contested school board election in six years.

Education groups had campaigned for Proposition HH, but voters were far less keen on the complicated property tax measure.