Yesenia Robles

Yesenia Robles


Yesenia covers suburban school districts for Chalkbeat Colorado. She grew up in Denver, graduated from CU Boulder and previously worked for the Denver Post. She has been with Chalkbeat since 2016. You can reach her at Hablo español.

Colorado’s budget committee has been hashing out legislation that would provide $24 million for schools enrolling new arrival students. On Friday, they approved the proposal for consideration.

The Colorado State Board of Education praised the school’s efforts, even though its rating and test scores remained low.

For parent Emma Gonzalez Gutierrez, one message from a teacher helped her surprise her daughter at school.

Algunos maestros dicen que las aplicaciones han ayudado a que los padres se abran sobre problemas que su hijo o familia está enfrentando. Facilitan que los maestros proporcionen más apoyo a sus estudiantes.

The charter school didn’t enroll as many students as expected so wasn’t sure it would have enough funding to open.

The district pilot is being considered to start at Thornton Elementary School and Thornton Middle School next fall.

Jefferson Academy, a local charter school, fell short of its enrollment goal to open.

More migrant students are enrolling midyear. Because they don’t qualify for a 1966 program that helps agricultural migrant students, schools need other funding to support them.