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This New York City school counselor uses art therapy, breathing exercises, and details from her trips to Ecuador to bond with newcomer students at her Queens elementary school.

Islah Tauheed says working alongside another Black woman leader has been affirming and life-changing.

This Chicago counselor is a former teacher who wanted to help students outside the classroom

En segundo grado, Carlota Loya Hernández pasaba mucho tiempo coloreando porque no entendía a la maestra y la maestra no la entendía a ella.

As a second-grader, Carlota Loya Hernández spent a lot of time coloring because she couldn’t understand the teacher, and the teacher couldn’t understand her.

In Lorena Izzo’s entrepreneurship class at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise, her students’ business plans aim to solve problems they see around them.

Caleb Flores es maestro de estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés en la Greeley West High School. El premio incluye $25,000 en efectivo.

Caleb Flores was shocked to learn the reason for the top-secret assembly at his school.

Informed by her experience as a parent, this Detroit teacher became an educator to strive for equity in all classrooms.

Eric Jenkins’ love of language shines in his teaching — and his desire to become a better writer himself.

This Illinois high school math teacher is always looking for creative ways to engage students

To teach about Israel and Palestine, Morgan Patel sets ground rules for tough conversations in her AP Human Geography class. This year it’s harder than ever.

Jessica May had nearly 200 foster brothers and sisters growing up.

Educator Sarah Budlow said the more she learned about the impact of a kid's school experience on their life and their future, the more she wanted to become a teacher.

Salvador Quijada credits his high school math teacher with his desire to be a mathematician. Now, he hopes to inspire the next generation.

Over the years, David Snowden has paid for tutors, therapy dogs, digital equipment, and more

In middle school, Elías Cruz joined a track team started by his English teacher. Now he’s a middle school English teacher who started a track team.