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Travel to the dazzling destinations that have inspired the magic of Disney - from grand cultural centers to the natural wonders of the world, from secret charming locales to awe-inspiring landscapes. Bring the whole family together and share experiences like boating to the Mediterranean island of Capri or dining in the Eiffel Tower. The adventure spans generations!

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    Traveling is an incredible way to enrich our lives and create memories that will last forever. Whether you’re exploring new cultures, trying new foods, or taking in breathtaking sights, traveling offers experiences that can change us in profound ways. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines and forget…

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    There's a magical world out there - and Adventures by Disney guided vacations are the best way for you and your family to explore the world. Disney Adventures includes fun thrills for Junior Adventurers, costumed historical characters and Disney-trained adventure guides along with so much more.

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Having started in Wyoming, Adventures By Disney only had three tours and attractions back in 2005 when they first opened to offer. However, this quickly drew in a decent crowd and inviting more families to come out and enjoy an all-inclusive vacation they didn't have to plan. Catering to children and adults, Adventures By Disney offer a number of packages to choose from, allowing those visiting to pick and choose which destination is the best fit for their family. Adventures By Disney was founded in May of 2005. They were hoping to provide an entirely new family-vacation. They wanted to change the way that families were able to go on and enjoy their vacations. The first Adventures By Disney was in Wyoming, which continues to be a popular destination for those who choose to take their tours. They would go through the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone. They continue to provide Disney quality to their guests, with one cast member from Disney who meets them at the destination, along with a tour guide specific to that area. They work together to provide an unforgettable experience for those families who choose to use this tour service over some of the others. They have specialized packages, such as evening just for the kids, where they bring them to do things just for them. Adults are then able to enjoy a night in the hotel while the kids watch movies, play games, and eat with their new friends and the tour guides of the area. This makes the trip more exciting for everyone involved. Adventures By Disney has won a number of awards from the Cruise Critic's 2019 Editor's Pick as the Best River Cruise Line for Families for the fourth consecutive year. They have also won the Best in Tour Operators for two years in a row and North America's Leading Tour Operator for five years in a row in the World Travel Awards. They provide those unsurpassed tour services that many speak highly of, earning them these awards and mentions over the years.

  • Started in 2005, they have since made a name for themselves and continue to add to the countries, places, and itineraries that they offer. 
  • Adventures By Disney is not just for Disneyland, but you can find tours across the entire world including in Costa Rica, Australia, and Greece. 
  • They offer over 50 different adventures that you can go on and take part in.
  • You can travel to both domestic and international locations when you are choosing where to go.
  • Choose the length of the stay you want to go on from four days all the way up to 12 days. 
  • They do all of the work, so you don't have to worry about doing any of it on your own. 
  • These tours are group tours that are brought around by two different tour guides. 
  • Adventures By Disney works with a lot of charities to give back to the communities that they work in. 
  • The tours are offered throughout the year, so you can choose the best time to visit the many destinations they offer.
  • Adventures By Disney are partnered with the Disney Cruise Line, offering the best possible way to enjoy your time away from home. 
  • They offer private, after-hour places that you are unable to visit if you are not a part of the tour.
  • Adventures By Disney have won a number of awards and are recognized for their amazing tours and service.

Top Reasons To Choose Adventures By Disney Tours

  • If you want to bring your family on a vacation that you will not forget, then this is a great family-oriented tour to take. 
  • Meet new people from around the world who are also a part of the tour.
  • They have surprises that are Disney-related around every corner, providing an extra way to be excited about taking the tour.
  • The tours are designed specifically for the families, offering activities for the children that they will actually enjoy.
  • Their tour operators and planners offer specialize itineraries that meet the needs of those who are going to be going on the trip.
  • You get two tour guides to bring you around and tell you more about the area. One is a cast member with Disney, and another is the guide with the specific area you're touring.
  • They provide over 50 places you can choose from to visit depending on where you want to go and what you want to do, giving you plenty of options and diversity.
  • Adventures By Disney has special places that are private to only their tours, offering a place to visit that you wouldn't be able to visit otherwise.
  • Adventures By Disney offers award-winning services that you would not be able to get from some of the other tour companies. 
  • The tours are fun to take and go on, so you can feel good about the ability to bring your family on a vacation that is exciting and fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adventures By Disney Tours

  • What kind of trips can I take with you?

    You are able to bring your family on a number of trips in a number of different places. With over 50 destinations on the list, you can choose from the top places to visit and check out for yourself. They offer trips to different continents – Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America. All of these destinations provide smaller destinations that you can choose from. 

  • How much would a tour cost?

    The tours differ in price depending on the itinerary that you choose, destination, length, and any extras that are added to the cost of the trip. You can customize the trip, adding extra costs to the total amount. This is what makes the cost vary from place to place. The costs are generally per person. They can range from $1,999 to $8,119. These costs can change based on many different factors, so make sure to look at the final amount when you sign up for the tour. The child and adult prices change, as well.

  • Can I take my family with the guide and not be stuck with other people?

    Generally, this is not allowed. The guides bring all of the families on the tour to the many different places. You can skip some of the tour destinations and excursions, but you cannot request for them to bring only you or have them bring you somewhere else during the tour. Generally, the cost covers all of the activities and excursions.

  • Can I tell the agent what I want out of the trip?

    Yes, you can let them know some of the things you want to do, or what your expectations are. They work to provide the best possible outcome and provide you with a tour that you enjoy taking. This way, they can not only meet your expectations but exceed them, too.

  • Do they have support that can help me regardless of what time?

    Yes, they do have a support team that provides customer service to those who require help. No matter what time of day it is, you can be sure to give them a call and ask them some questions or provide concerns based on the experience you've had. 

  • What do the guides do for you?

    The guides are there to answer questions, bring you to destinations and make sure that you have the best experience. Since one of them is from the area, you can ensure that you're learning more about the area and can ask specific questions. The other provides further special insights into the Disney experience. 

  • Do they have specialists that are working in each place?

    There are specialists that work with each area. These are those who are from the area. Then there are special tour guides specifically for the Disney portion. This provides you with two experienced individuals who provide the most for those looking to learn more but also have a great time. 

  • What type of way can you travel when you are traveling through Adventures By Disney?

    You can travel through one of their options. Those who are traveling overseas might choose a plane and then use a ship to be brought to their destinations. Other destinations can be driven too. It all depends on the specific tour you choose and where you are coming from. Generally, the costs of the travel to and from the destination are rolled into the costs of the tour for everyone, so this is something to consider.

  • Who customizes the itinerary or things you are going to do ahead of time?

    You will work with a travel agent through Disney who will customize the entire experience for you, so you can speak with them regarding any specialty things you want to add on, or other items of interest. They will then put everything together for you, while taking any recommendations or requests into mind while doing so. The entire experience is planned out and ready to go for you, so you don't have to worry about doing anything but showing up.

  • Where do you stay while you are at the destinations?

    The hotel accommodations are included in the price and you're given information on where you and your family will be staying. This provides you with an idea of what you get while you are there, where you are going to be, and what you need to plan on bringing. Depending on the departure, whether you're flying or riding on a ship, you may end up staying on a cruise ship. This all depends on the specific tour you choose to take.  

  • Should I Choose Adventures By Disney for a ‘Disney’ Experience?

    Yes. For those who love the Disney experience, this is one of the tours that can really make the magic happen around each and every corner you choose. Regardless of which destination you are going on and which tour you take, you will find that they make Disney magic happen on each and every one of them. There is always something to do and experience when you take a Disney tour.  

Health and Safety Protocols on Adventures By Disney Tours

Health and Safety
Adventure By Disney's focus remains on the well-being of the Guests and staff, and on operating the trips in a responsible way that continues to create unforgettable experiences. Adventure By Disney has developed health and safety protocols considering guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local and international health authorities, and other health experts. With this guidance, they have reimagined your travel experience. Given the evolving global health environment, the Health and Safety Protocols may change as they consider new guidance and recommendations from health agencies. This deliberate approach allows them to evaluate and adjust along the way. Adventure By Disney provides you with these Health and Safety Protocols ahead of your trip so you understand the policies and can do your part. This includes information about personal health and hygiene and measures they have put in place for COVID-19 vaccination, cleaning, and more.

Face Coverings and Physical Distancing
Face coverings are optional unless required by the venue or local regulations. Adventure By Disney strongly recommend Guests wear face coverings while on shared transportation. Physical distancing will not be required during indoor or outdoor activities unless required by the venue or local regulations. When traveling to CDC Level 4 countries, Guests are required to wear a face covering during indoor activities. Guests are not required to physical distance indoors while wearing masks except for on Expedition Cruise departures, where 1 meter (3.28 feet) physical distance is required between travel parties while on the ship. Face coverings are optional during outdoor activities in CDC Level 4 countries and physical distancing outdoors is only required when stated by the venue or local regulations.

Although optional, Adventure By Disney strongly recommend face coverings be worn on motor coaches and all other modes of shared transportation, including any flights that are part of the itinerary. Every vehicle will be cleaned before transportation is provided.

Adventure Guide Training & Workplace Safety
All Adventure Guides and experts that accompany Guests in vehicles must be fully vaccinated before joining any trip. Those that are vaccinated with an alternate COVID-19 Vaccine (because an acceptable vaccine type is not available in their local region), will also be required to have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 5 days prior to the start of the trip. Adventure Guides and experts will self-screen their health every day prior to joining the group. Those displaying any COVID-19 symptoms will be unable to accompany the group. In addition, all staff members receive training on health and safety measures, as well as on the continued importance of personal health and hygiene.

Adherence to Guest Health and Safety Protocols
By traveling with Adventure By Disney, you are consenting to adhere to these Health and Safety Protocols. Adventure By Disney is not liable in any way for the failure of other participants to abide by the Health and Safety Protocols, and the Health and Safety Protocols are subject to change at any time at their sole discretion. Please confirm any changes to the Health and Safety Protocols before departure, as all Guests are responsible for abiding by the most updated Health and Safety Protocols in effect at the time of the adventure.

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Reviewed on May 16, 2018

We loved the trip. Got to see many things we may not have found on our own and it was fun to have companions along the way. The guides were wonderful, friendly and super competent. Really, no complaints at all.

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