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Charter schools

The school hasn't yet found a location on the west side. Two other charters in Indianapolis meanwhile, still plan to open in the fall.

The charter school didn’t enroll as many students as expected so wasn’t sure it would have enough funding to open.

University could use charter groups to expand its reach and replicate teaching and learning models.

Advocates and lawmakers have raised concerns that some charter schools may be taking advantage of a state law requiring the city to cover their rental costs.

To open, the charter school needs to rezone its former church building in Washington Township from religious to education.

The school would open within the boundaries of Washington Township Schools.

Jefferson Academy, a local charter school, fell short of its enrollment goal to open.

The Indianapolis charter school on the far eastside recently celebrated its new food lab and launched a culinary club, which hopes to take inspiration from a civil rights story.

The state blocked an alternative public charter school from expanding into Jersey City, and for the third time in a row, denied another school’s request to expand.

The awards are funded by a $12.5 million trust set up by an anonymous donor couple.

The charter school will move out of the space it leased from Newark Public Schools after settling a nearly four-year legal dispute over alleged violations of its lease. The move is a step forward in Superintendent Roger León’s plan to reclaim district buildings.

The vote followed a pitch from the school’s principal to keep Wyatt open by enrolling migrant students and subletting some space.

Nine applicants met the state’s deadline for proposals to open a charter school in 2025

The new CEO will start in mid-March and work with Bill Kurtz before he leaves the post, to smooth the transition.

The demand is the latest development in an ongoing divide between IPS and the charter school community.

The bill could put an end to future legal disputes over the state’s so-called $1 law, which Indianapolis Public Schools and the attorney general’s office have interpreted differently.

An Indianapolis lawmaker’s bid to increase charter school transparency comes after a federal indictment of former leaders of two virtual schools.