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Chicago learning and inequity

The public meetings are part of the district’s new Black Student Success Working Group, which CPS created to provide recommendations for improving Black children’s outcomes.

The board’s decision addresses a yearslong grassroots movement that has pushed the district to remove SROs from school campuses but didn’t come without pushback.

Chicago’s Board of Education to vote on removing police officers from schools

District officials said they’re working to get more teachers certified to teach English language learners.

As federal COVID funds run out, the district is grappling with how to pay for universal preschool going forward.

The district is providing CTA passes to migrant families who are homeless.

An analysis from the University of Chicago Crime Lab found 1 in 5 of more than 2,000 youth contacted participated.

Of Chicago’s 42 "exemplary" schools, five are majority-Black. Chalkbeat visited two to find out what sets them apart.

The Board of Education extended the contract with the troubled charter school network following a court order.

The move puts in motion Mayor Brandon Johnson’s campaign promise to reinvigorate neighborhood schools.

Chicago is promoting Principal Joshua Long to lead its special education department

The routes with few students don’t necessarily mean there’s room for other kids, advocates say.

Chicago works to end inequitable access to middle school algebra partly with virtual courses

The district is still working to shorten bus rides for more than 100 students with disabilities to comply with state law.

Homeless children have certain rights aimed at maintaining stability for them at school, including the ability to stay at the school they’ve been attending.

The admissions process has built up a reputation for being stressful on families, but many value the ability to choose a school they see as the best fit for their child.

The financial cost of college was a big reason students have leaned toward schools that are an undermatch, in lieu of attending more selective schools

Parents at Inter-American are looking for solutions, as other gifted and magnet programs have also sought their own alternatives to the lack of busing.

Researchers also found that the share of CPS students enrolling in college recently has risen.