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School safety

The data suggests that school police officers, who were permanently brought back this fall, are ticketing and arresting students less frequently than before.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

New York City’s Board of Education Retirement System stands alone among the city’s five pension funds in not automatically enrolling eligible members in a pension plan.

Two other district staffers also lost their jobs: One for bringing a loaded gun on district property, and the other for assaulting a student.

The drop in suspensions likely reflects a combination of fewer students learning in person and a reticence among educators to remove students from the classroom.

Denver Public Schools is faulting Colleen O’Brien, head of the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone, for oversight at McAuliffe International School.

Members of the board said they felt the resolution needed more research and input from officials.

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy for his alleged role in the shooting.

The student was walking home from school when he was shot around 1 p.m Friday. He is the fourth teenager to be shot and killed in the past two weeks in the city.

“The police should not deal with students’ mental health or behavioral issues at all, including bullying,” one advocate said.

The district wants to use some of the funding to expand a student-led program that teaches nonviolence.

The agreement was signed nearly six months after SROs were reinstated on some Denver high school campuses.

Expulsions have been a topic of debate ever since a formerly expelled student shot and injured two deans inside East High School in March.

City officials ordered schools to shelter in place last Friday, but no one told principals.